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Starting August 28th, will be discontinuing its 20% discount for pre-orders of new games via its online store. In its place, will offer a $10 credit on pre-orders of “select” new games.

It is just one in a line of gaming-related changes made by Amazon this week, but perhaps its most contentious. While the promise of free shipping and access to Prime Day Sales are certainly a draw, some saw the 20% discount as one of the best aspects of Amazon Prime , even as Amazon continued to raise the monthly subscription price.

At a glance, swapping a $10 credit for the 20% discount was only a slight downgrade but only for those that didn’t read the fine print. Apparently, this credit will only be available on select game pre-orders, it will not be instantaneous, and it will expire after 60 days. So even if a game pre-order does qualify for the $10 credit, patrons will only have 60 days to use it, after waiting up to 35 days for it to arrive via e-mail.

While we reserve judgment until the program officially switches over at the end of this month, it certainly sounds like a downgrade for Amazon Prime subscribers. We wouldn’t be surprised if plenty of gamers decided to cancel their accounts after seeing which games offer the pre-order discount and which do not. There are a lot of high profile games coming later this year, but if titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 don’t support the credit then what’s the point?

As we mentioned, this is the second Amazon Prime related announcement that featured the service taking away from subscribers. Starting soon, Twitch Prime (those that link their Amazon Prime with their Twitch account) members will no longer have an ad-free viewing experience. They will still be able to subscribe to one channel per month for free and remove ads from that channel, but the site-wide ad-free viewing is going away.

Presumably, these moves by Amazon are meant to generate more revenue for the company, but at what cost? We’ll have to wait and see how many subscribers choose not to re-up their Amazon Prime membership now that some truly great gaming-related benefits are being discontinued.

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