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American Girl is popular for making a vast variety of dolls that aim to avoid reinforcing negative stereotypes of girls and women. American Girl dolls are not only representative of most races and genders found in the United States and in the world, but apparently in American Girl’s quest to “create girls of strong character,” American Girl dolls are now also representative of the growing number of female gamers in America.

American Girl has very recently released a brand new accessory for its dolls, which is a fully equipped and somewhat operational Xbox gaming set. According to the American Girl website, “dolls can [now] get ready to play—and win—in tournaments with friends” on their new Xbox gaming sets. The pretend gaming set includes a pretend Xbox One S game console that projects 10 different gaming scenes, an Xbox One S controller that dolls can really hold, and a comfy purple faux-leather game chair with a built in speaker on its side.

american girl doll gaming set

The built-in speaker even includes a cord that plugs into personal devices that allows dolls to play music or other sounds, and the orange pretend wireless gaming headphones have an adjustable mic that lets one chat to friends with. Finally, the American Girl dolls can choose between two fun game discs to insert into the projector on top of the console, and these discs also have their own cases to keep them safe in.

As is evident from the picture, the pretend Xbox One S and its controller’s resemblance to a real Xbox One S and controller is impressive. Although this set is sold at a steep $50, it sure is a fun accessory for American Girl doll fans to have and to add to their accessory collections. It is clear that American Girl is aiming to further subvert negative stereotypes that girls are not good at, or do not enjoy playing video games, with this new Xbox gaming set accessory.

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