Anthem Bug Gives Colossus an Interceptor’s Abilities

Each of the four unique javelins in  offer a specific play-style for players to choose from. Whether it's the Storm to the Ranger, each suit plays very differently than the others, and usually shapes how players approach encounters. For instance, the Colossus javelin is typically slower than the other suits, while the Interceptor is exceptionally fast. However, one recently discovered bug lets players equip unique javelin onto other javelins, allowing for some crazy combinations in combat.

The bug seems to happen due to the game believing that players have one javelin equipped when they really have another. Reddit user Feefski posted a video to the Anthem subreddit showing their Colossus with a suite of Interceptor abilities. This allowed Feefski's Colossus to fling his javelin across the map at enemies, essentially turning this hulking mass of metal into a jet-powered wrecking ball.

This bug pretty much removes the drawback to playing as the Colossus, since they are typically much slower compared to the Interceptor. If players can mix and match abilities like this, it could lead to players possibly dishing out a lot of damage to enemies.

Should players want to try this, they should go into the Forge, select the Interceptor, and then leave the Forge. Then head back into the Forge, try to switch over to the Colossus, then mash the escape button when the blue ring appears.

Colossus Javelin + Interceptor Skills = Unstoppable Force from AnthemTheGame

If done correctly, the Colossus will have the Interceptor's abilities. While this bug may not be completely game-breaking, it is not likely that BioWare will keep this in the game for too long. BioWare has fixed a bunch of issues in Anthem already, and many changes will be coming in future updates, but this one could be a priority since it ruins the point of the distinct javelin classes.

While this bug is still present, some players are having a lot of fun with this “feature” at the moment. Having a Colossus with Interceptor abilities, or a Storm with Colossus skills definitely makes for an interesting shake-up to Anthem‘s core gameplay.

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