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At PAX West this weekend, developer BioWare revealed when hopeful players will be able to go hands-on with Anthem. On 1st, an Anthem demo will be available to download for EA and Origin Access subscribers (of either the basic or premium tier) and those who pre-order before that .

Unfortunately, that means that those who want to check out the demo will have to give some sort of compensation to Electronic Arts. There apparently will not be a free demo period for the Anthem preview, or at least BioWare was not prepared to announce one just yet. Based on the date, though, it’s hard to imagine EA squeezing another one in. After all, those Origin Access Premier subscribers will get to play the game in full a few days early.

BioWare did not reveal what the Anthem demo would encompass either but the developer did emphasize that this will be a demo. The plan is not to use this as a technical test for evaluating server load or player interest, but an opportunity for gamers to see how they feel about Anthem based on gameplay.


It’s a good thing that the Anthem preview is a demo and not a technical or beta test, because there isn’t much time between then and the launch of the game to make meaningful changes. While it may be the most high profile of the releases, there are still a ton of games targeting February 22nd for launch and a lot of pressure is on BioWare, no matter what the studio might say, to deliver something special.

The biggest shame, though, is that players won’t have a chance to check out Anthem any earlier than a couple weeks before release. Our time playing the game at E3 2018 showed a lot more promise than the hands-off guided demos that were part of EA Play and follow-up gameplay trailers. Much like Destiny, a game whose success Anthem hopes to replicate, the purpose and appeal of the game only come into focus when playing it for yourself.

Anthem releases February 22, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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