Anthem Overhaul Could Feature Cool New Enemy Type

Months into ’s rework, Bioware shares some interesting information about what players can expect when they jump back into the game.

After a long wait for information on Anthem‘s rework, Bioware has finally revealed some of its plans for the future of the game. Developer Christian Dailey has taken to Twitter, answering questions from fans regarding a new enemy type, ahead of a second long-awaited developer blog update.

Responding to players’ questions, Dailey shared information on some of the new elements the team is working on for Anthem. He mentioned some work-in-progress PvP modes, including a potential battle-royale and a new enemy faction named the “Pirates of Blood Wind.” In addition to this, he has shared some beautiful images of some new explorable play-spaces, including a mountain adorned with a giant skull that might be home to this new faction. While these new ideas are not confirmed to make it into the rework, they are an interesting insight into the development process of the game.

What these enemies have to do with the original story of Anthem is yet to be seen, and with the game’s development in “incubation,” it is unlikely fans will see any gameplay for a while to come. The images shared by Dailey have been praised by dedicated players, with Twitter user Dabzy saying “Thank you guys for your continued hard work and dedication!” For many Freelancers still flying around BioWare’s beautiful world, the overhauled version of the game can’t come quickly enough.

The launch of BioWare’s new IP was rocky, with Anthem‘s story falling flat, and the mountain of bugs and loading screens causing most players to leave altogether. This was on top of a disappointing endgame and progression system, something that fans of looter-shooters have come to love in games like Destiny and Borderlands. Coming from the masterminds behind the Mass Effect series, the pressure for Anthem to succeed was high, perhaps worsening the blow of its disappointing beginnings.

Needless to say, dedicated Anthem players hope that the can bring some of the original promises and gameplay to the forefront, as well as tightening its gameplay loop and potentially taking advantage of next-generation consoles for faster loading times. With a smaller development team on the rework, it may be months before gamers see any finished elements but hopefully, the devs can turn Anthem around and deliver on the promise of a better future.

Anthem is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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