Aonic invests $35M into VR game developer nDreams

The recently formed Group is investing a crisp $35 million into VR game developer and publisher . The VR studio plans to use the funds to create more ambitious titles. It will also channel some of the money into expanding its publishing operation, and further investing into the nDreams Academy.

“This investment is a pivotal moment for nDreams, and I'm delighted to have the support of Aonic, who share the same ambitious vision for the company that we do,” said nDreams boss Patrick O'Luanaigh. “As VR continues its trajectory towards becoming a truly mass-market technology, this is the rocket fuel needed to accelerate our rapid growth and take advantage of the many opportunities that continue to come our way.”

The studio has been a big name in VR game development since 2014. It has released games like Fracked, and Far Cry: Dive Into Insanity. Its most well known game to date is probably Phantom: Covert Ops. That's the stealth-action VR game that puts the player into a kayak to take on the bad guys.

More recently nDreams has announced two new studios; nDreams Studio Orbital and nDreams Studio Elevation. The former will be focusing on live service games, while the latter is aiming toward AAA games and new IPs. It also has a third-party publishing initiative on the go, which is looking to support, fund, and publish indie VR games.

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