Apex Legends Mobile is Now Available to Download

Apex Mobile is now available to on the Google Play Store & for iOS users on App Store. If you are unable to find it to download, there's a solution for you further.

After a year of waiting and multiple betas testing, Electronic Arts finally presents Apex Legends Mobile to experience Apex Legends shooting battle royale on your smartphone. On a day, it has crossed around 8 Million Downloads only on Play Store.

It has launched in all regions around this time, and the players who did pre-register got in-game rewards such as the Bloodhound banner frame, the Bloodhound banner pose, the Founder's badge, and an R99 Epic skin.

Everything You Need To Know Before Play Apex Legends Mobile

For Android users, it is sized above 2GB, and the exact depends on the device & for iOS users, it is 3.5GB in total size. To check whether your device is capable or not, you can see game requirements here.

The game has the same concept as its PC version, the same battle royale shooting theme with 60 players and 3 players in each squad, and the last alive will be titled Champion. The game contains a 30-30 marksman rifle and 4x-10x thermal imaging optic scope, ultimate graphics, and a season ranking and pass system.

Modes & Maps

The primary mode is a battle royale for 20 squads with only one map same as PC's, the World's Edge. There are also some other game modes, a 3v3 Arena mode, the same Team Deathmatch, and Quick battle mode, a fast-paced mini version of its classic model.

Characters (Legends) & Abilities

There are Ten characters which are called Legends in the game to play with different abilities that are divided into three parts Passive, Tactical, and Ultimate, with different cooldown duration:

  • Bloodhound has the passive power “Tracker” to track the enemy's footprint. Its Tactical ability is “Eye of the Allfather,” which can see any hidden enemy, and its Ultimate power is “Beast of the Hunt” with this, you can hunt enemies in 35sec.
  • Octane has the passive power “Swift Mend” to restore 1 HP per second. Its Tactical ability is “Stim,” which can increase 30% the movement speed for six seconds only, and its Ultimate power is “Jump Pad” with this, Octane deploys a jump pad.
  • Gibraltar has the passive power “Gun Shield” to when he fires, a shield will also deploy from his arm. Its Tactical ability is the “Dome of Protection,” which can plot a dome shield to block incoming fire and protects teammates. Its Ultimate power is “Defensive Bombardment,” with this, Gibraltar can strike on a marked position.
  • Lifeline has the passive power “Combat Revive” to deploy the D.O.C drone to revive teammates. Its Tactical ability is the “D.O.C Heal Drone,” which can call the drone for nearby teammates that automatically heals. Its Ultimate power is the “Care Package,” which it can call a complete package including shields, gun magazines, and heals.
  • Pathfinder has the passive power “Insider Knowledge” to reveal the circle's following location before the time comes. Its Tactical ability is “Grapple,” which gives the ability of a grappling hook to help you escape fights. Its Ultimate power is the “Zipline Gun” with this ability, he can create a zipline for everyone.
  • Wraith has the passive power “Voices from the Void” to warn players with voices when any enemy targets them. Its Tactical ability is “Into the Void,” which allows Wraith to move quickly through spacetime, thereby avoiding all damage. Its Ultimate power is “Dimensional Rift,” which can create a connecting portal for 60 seconds.
  • Bangalore has the passive power “Double Time” to sprint speed by 30% to escape the fights. Its tactical ability is “Smoke Launcher,” which can create a thick smoke wall, and its ultimate power is “Rolling Thunder” with this, the legend to call in an artillery strike.
  • Caustic has the passive power “Nox Vision” to create a green outline on enemies body. Its Tactical ability is “Nox Gas Trap,” which can plant Nox gas anywhere, and its Ultimate power is “Nox Gas Grenade” with this, it can throw Nox gas grenade.
  • Mirage has the passive power “Now You See Me” to allow Mirage to cloak himself when he revives teammates. Its Tactical ability is “Psyche Out,” which can send footsteps to fool enemies for flank, and its Ultimate power is “Life of the Party” with this, he can deploy five decoys at the same time and be invisible for some time.
  • Fade, who is the new character for only Apex Legends Mobile, hasn't been introduced to PC players but might in the future. He has the passive power “Slipstream” to boost at the end of a slide. Its Tactical ability is “Flash Back,” which can take you back to your previous location like Wraith. Its Ultimate power is “Phase Chamber” with this, he can throw grenades that can void the other Legends in its range.

How to Download Apex Legends Mobile Without Play Store or App Store

If you are unable to download games from Play Store or App Store, there is a solution for you, the Tap Tap Store for both Android and iOS. Downloading the games from the Tap Tap store is pretty easy, and it also gives early access.

Firstly, Download its App from here according to your OS, don't worry, it's completely safe. Then search for Apex Legends from the below search option. Open the game page and click on get. Make sure that you are downloading the global version.

After downloading, install the game and enjoy it. You can also uninstall the Tap Tap store if you want to; it doesn't affect your game.

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