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Ubisoft is jamming Assassin's Odyssey with plenty of new content as the series steps deeper into the RPG genre: the game will feature dialogue choices, recruitable warriors, romance options, and plenty of new combat abilities. Alexios and Kassandra won't be tied to any specific side of the war as they progress through the game, and their combat won't be limited to just dry land. With the in-game map being mostly covered by sea, gamers should anticipate plenty of naval combat to arrive with the tide of Assassin's Creed Odyssey when the game ships this October.

During Gamescom 2018, Ubisoft showed the world map of Odyssey in its entirety, and it was quickly imaged by another outlet. In the map below, gamers can take a look at the numerous landmasses that will take feature throughout the game's 30+ hours story. Among these islands are countless enemies, friends, and romantic partners that players can converse with and, for the first time, impact the outcome of the game's ending with those aforementioned dialogue choices. While the world size of Odyssey is estimated to be about 62% bigger than Origins (at a reported 130km²), most of the map is covered by sea. While there's less land mass here than in Origins, the dry realms of the world are filled with much denser content.

Gamers can click the map below to open up a full resolution version:

Assassin's Creed Odyssey World Map

We went hands-on within the area island of Lesbos in a Gamescom-build of the demo, where we had a heart-thumping battle with Medusa. Lesbos Island is filled with end-game level enemies and quests, so gamers should expect other locations around the world to have a high-level bar of entry. That doesn't necessarily mean gamers will be blocked from traversing there, but it does mean that enemies will put up a tough fight. In the map above, it looks like each island is scaled up to level 48, with a few exceptions (including Lesbos) rising all the way to 50. It's there in the Northeastern portion of the Greek islands that gamers should expect the toughest late-game content.

Gamers who explore all there is to see in Odyssey and complete the main quest will eventually have a New Game Plus mode to play, though it won't arrive until post-launch. This will let gamers start over from the beginning in terms of storyline and world exploration, but they'll keep their level, equipment, and any previously unlocked combat abilities.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey will release on October 5, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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