Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gameplay Reveal Date Announced for Next Week

With little doubt, the two biggest gaming reveals today have been the new trailer for Assassin's Valhalla and the wave of information associated with it, and the reveal that the Xbox Series X video game showcase is May 7th. It seems this may have been more coordinated than initially thought.

Xbox took to twitter to make a post that the first look at next-gen gameply was set for Inside Xbox on Thursday, May 7, at 8 AM PT and 10 AM CT. It was later confirmed that this showcase is more for third-party developers, as GM of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft Aaron Greenberg made the statement in a retweet as well. First-party Xbox Game Studio titles will be coming this summer, but May 7th will showcase the power of the Xbox Series X and a new generation of games.

Right now, that exact line-up remains to be seen, but Ubisoft confirms that the first trailer for Assassin's Creed Valhalla will take place during this event. It'll be interesting to see what else is shown, but there's a lot of hype surrounding the new game already, something that the Xbox Series X gameplay trailer may capitalize on. As far as combat and gameplay is concerned, new assault and raid mechanics have been confirmed, the hidden blade is coming back, there's settlements, a ship and a crew, and more just waiting to be shown off.

Other than gameplay, there's a wish list of items players could want to see. The sky seems to be the limit with what can be shown, but thus far, male Eivor has been the only AC: Valhalla character to get some love. As such, there's a chance the gameplay trailer will focus on female Eivor and potentially introduce characters to help bring the world to life.

The game's Viking Era has been confirmed, after all, and more detailed than ever before. Set in the 9th century with a handful of important locations, as well as hints to possible mythological explorations, Assassin's Creed Valhalla is already shaping up quite nicely.

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