Baldur Gate 3 mod support is coming in September

It's gonna get pretty funky in Faerûn with official mod support coming to Baldur's 3. Larian Studios announced that official mod support will roll out in phases, starting today with a closed alpha, before a closed beta test in July, culminating with the official release of Patch 7 in . According to Larian, the staggered testing phases will give the community ample time to test the new mod tools before making them available across PC and consoles.

If you have experience with official mod support in games like Skyrim or Fallout, Larian's approach will sound similar. On PC, mods will be tested to ensure terms of service compatibility and overall stability before approval. Those mods will then undergo additional approvals before coming to console. While PC players will have access to the full suite of mod creation tools, and mods can still be made, downloaded, and played without using the official mod browser, console players will only be able to browse and install mods officially approved by Larian.

You can check out the full Baldur's Gate 3 mod FAQ page here, and players interested in testing mod support during the closed beta in July will have the opportunity to sign up at a later date. As Larian has stated, it has no plans of creating DLC or a Baldur's Gate 3 sequel, so offering official mod support is the studio's way of letting the community take over the reins of Baldur's Gate 3 development to ensure the game stays fresh for years to come.

Patch 7 isn't just introducing mod support tools. It'll also contain substantial content updates for the game, including improved evil endings, tons of small narrative additions (Wyll romancers, your time is coming), and bug fixes. Beyond Patch 7's release in September, Larian also said it plans on adding crossplay and photo mode.

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