Ballista is High Voltage Software’s first game for Oculus Quest

Remember High Voltage Software? We haven’t seen them in a spell but they were behind enjoyable Oculus Rift exclusives like Dragon Front and Damaged Core. The team’s its long-awaited return for the upcoming Oculus Quest headset, though.

The team today announced Ballista as part of Oculus’ Quest countdown series. In the game, you have to protect a kingdom from the forces of evil. In your for victory (get it?) you’ll use a Magic Mirror, sling and, uh, a unicorn horn. It’ll also be on Rift, with cross-buy support.

We only have a featured image to go on right now, which promises a pretty cutesy presentation. Given High Voltage’s pedigree (we once called Damaged Core the king of VR shooters), we’re hoping for something special.

“With Quest, we’re able to better provide a full range of motion to let people move around their entire area and impact gameplay,” High Voltage producer Keith Hladik said of the game’s reveal. “Whether it’s defending your creatures from attack or walking around to analyze a castle, the game provides an immersive experience.”

No word yet on if Ballista is going to be a launch title for Quest, which is due to launch this spring starting at $399. We’re hoping to find out more specific launch details in the coming weeks.

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