Batman: Arkham Legacy to Be Announced Next Month, Leak Reveals

Batman: Arkham Legacy will be at The Game Awards 2019, reveals a . Other games that could potentially be shown at The Game Awards are Dragon Age 4 and a new RPG from Obsidian Entertainment.

On Twitter, YouTuber Coby, or SLCMOF, reveals that he has heard from a source that Batman: Arkham Legacy will be announced at The Game Awards 2019 on December 12. The SLCMOF YouTube channel will be hosting a live stream about the leaked information, but before that Coby has offered a teaser on Twitter. The YouTuber says that the information “comes from the same guy that provided me with leaked images from the cancelled Damian Wayne Batman game.” Pictures from the Damian Wayne game were leaked in August, and suggested that Damian would have been Batman and that he would ride around on a Batbike.

The YouTuber also calls the source for this information “very reliable.” The Twitter page for The Arkham Channel, a Batman Arkham YouTuber, also tweeted to say that it has “seen how reliable this source is.” Coby says that “nothing is 100%,” but the YouTuber seems to have a huge amount of trust for the source.

It was just last month when information about Batman: Arkham Legacy‘s characters leaked, from another leaker named Sabi. The game wouldn't be about Batman, but would allow players to assume the role of other members of the Bat family, such as Batgirl and Robin. Fans have enjoyed themselves playing at Batman in the Batman Arkham games but publisher WB Games may feel that it's time that other characters got to be the main characters of a game.

In September, WB Games and developer WB Games Montreal teased some sort of Batman game announcement. The Twitter accounts for WB Games and WB Games Montreal posted the Capture the Knight video which prompted many fans to suggest that an announcement about a new Batman game was being planned. It seems unlikely that they would post something like that without planning an official announcement.

For the many fans of Batman and the Batman Arkham games, this leak is hugely exciting. Rumors should always be taken with a grain of salt but after months of leaks about new games, canceled games and the comic book characters that could have been in them, it's not surprising that many fans are suggesting an official announcement is coming.

Batman: Arkham Legacy is rumored to be in development for unspecified platforms.

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