Black Ops 4 Players Report Missing Items; Activision Elevates Issue to Priority

While many Call of Duty fans are anxiously awaiting the release of Modern Warfare later this year, there are still plenty of fans that are enjoying last year’s title, Ops 4, for the time being. Unfortunately, some of those players have been hit with a nasty bug that has reset some or all of their progress in the game.
On both the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 subreddit and forums, players are reporting a loss of unlocks, in-game currency, and progress within the game. Others are saying that only unlocks earned through crates and supply streams – are missing and progress and stats are still accurate.

One Black Ops 4 player reported a large haul of items missing, from DLC guns to elixirs for the game’s Zombies mode. Curiously, this player reported that items were missing from Black Ops 3 as well, although similar reports from the BO3 have not surfaced.
Currently, support is looking to gather information from affected players via the forums and subreddits. It’s unclear if the publisher and developers will be able to restore the missing items, but there could be some compensation on the way.

What makes this Black Ops 4 missing items bug so scary is that there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why it has happened to certain players and not others. Every report says that the player logged on to find items missing but they didn’t do anything out of the ordinary prior to logging off. At the very least has started taking these reports seriously and has elevated the issue to a priority.

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At this point, it’s unclear what will happen to those players’ missing items, especially since the Call of Duty marketing focus has shifted to Modern Warfare. Developer Treyarch is also reportedly taking over for next year’s Call of Duty, which was originally under Sledgehammer Games. Apparently, Activision wants to get one of its flagship studios working on the first Call of Duty for the next-gen consoles and is using all of the helper studios (Beenox, High Moon, etc.) to get the job done on such short notice.

That’s all to say, Black Ops 4 players may be out of luck if this issue is more than just a simple fix. If it’s far-reaching and requires a lot of development effort, the best course of action may be to offer some in-game currency and let players reacquire their missing items.

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