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Through the miracle of science, er, .

and Lego today gave fans their first real look at the forthcoming Legos, and they chose to do it with the two characters featured most prominently in marketing going back to the original 2014 announcement trailer.

“Build the perfect team, brick by brick,” reads an Overwatch tweet from this afternoon. The tweet contains a short clip of Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan assembling a Lego character in the likeness of Overwatch’s Tracer. Once assembled, the Lego Tracer turns into an animation that zips around the screen with the character’s trademark speed.


Meanwhile, Lego went public with an official Lego Overwatch page with a teaser for another Overwatch character that will be obvious to any fan. “Imagination is the essence of discovery,” reads the page, which features a clump of bananas. It’s an in-game line from Winston, Overwatch’s sentient gorilla, who naturally has a love of bananas.

Blizzard first announced its Overwatch Lego sets back in May but didn’t provide any details beyond the existence of the partnership. In August, the publisher offered another tease that seemed to pretty clearly identify six characters that would get the Lego treatment. Neither Tracer nor Winston appeared to be included in that half dozen, however.

The Lego Overwatch sets don’t yet have any , nor is it known which additional characters will be included or what any of the maps that will become sets will be.

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