Borderlands 3 to Debut New Planet, Vault Hunter at E3 2019

E3 2019 is right around the corner and that means studios and developers are sharing some of their plans for the big show. is one of the many games confirmed for the E3 Showcase already, and Randy Pitchford took to Twitter today to give fans a little teaser about what they can expect from Gearbox at the show, including a new Vault Hunter, a new , and more between the show and the demo at the 2K booth.

So far Borderlands 3 fans have seen a good amount of gameplay from two of the four Vault Hunters, Amara and Zane. It seems that Pitchford’s tweet means that fans will get to see some gameplay from either Moze or FL4K at the show. There has only been brief clips of these two shown so far, so eager fans know little about the remaining two Vault Hunters. Each of the new classes is far more customizable than previous characters, so there is no telling how Moze and FL4K will be able to modify their abilities in Borderlands 3.

While Pitchford’s tweet most likely means that one of the remaining two will be shown off, some fans are hoping that the tweet is secretly revealing a fifth Vault Hunter, though Pitchford stated recently that Borderlands 3 might not add DLC characters this time around. But the other big reveal slated for E3 is a new for players to explore.

Unlike the previous Borderlands installments, Borderlands 3 will feature multiple planets for players to visit as they progress through the game’s narrative. The gameplay reveal event showed off the new of Promethea, but that is just one of the many planets players will explore. Through the various trailers and teasers Gearbox has released so far, there have been plenty of different environments. So hopefully, there will be more of that during their presentation.

Pitchford also hinted at some more secrets up their sleeves for the event, but it wouldn’t be E3 without some surprise reveals. From our hands on time with the Borderlands 3 gameplay demo, it’s clear that Gearbox is giving fans exactly what they want out of another Borderlands title, so hopefully, fans will see some more great changes and features for Borderlands 3 at the show.

Borderlands 3 launches September 14 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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