Bungie responds to Destiny 2 The Final Shape leak

The Destiny 2 developer has warned fans of spoilers online after the expansion leaked early, while revealing its huge 300GB size.

Less than a week before Destiny 2's The Final Shape expansion was set to launch, someone accidentally set the update live on the PlayStation 5 servers, which resulted in some fans being able to play parts of the new campaign early.

Though it doesn't say who is to blame for the leak, developer has acknowledged it by warning fans to be wary of spoilers online, adding, ‘It's always extremely difficult when our team's hard work is leaked early.'

A new blog post also informs fans that there will be 24 hours of downtime to prepare for the expansion, huge download sizes up to 300GB, and detailed what its Dungeons & Dragons collaboration will look like.

The Final Shape comes out Tuesday, June 4, but before then Bungie will take down the Destiny 2 servers, to prepare the launch, making the game unplayable for 24 hours.

The downtime is set to start Monday, June 3, at 6pm UK time and servers are planned to go back online 24 hours later.

You can buy the expansion early and pre-install it, which is advisable if you're getting the update because the download sizes on all platforms will take some time to finish.

To download or pre-load The Final Shape on Xbox Series X/S you need 165GB of storage space available, while 143GB is needed on PlayStation 5, according to the blog post.

PC gamers will need a lot more space to pre-load the expansion, however, as through Steam you need 155GB to download it but 299GB to pre-install it. If you buy via the Epic Games Store, it's 144GB to download and 279GB to pre-load.

Destiny 2 is also launching a crossover with Dungeons & Dragons alongside the launch of The Final Shape expansion, also going live on June 4, which comes with various skins inspired by the Faerûn world, as seen in the video above.

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