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As of late, Bungie has been hard at work promoting the next major expansion for 2, Forsaken, with the video game developer having recently revealed that the forthcoming DLC will include a bunch of solid-looking weapons and gear, what sounds like meaningful milestone changes, and more. Now, the studio has decided to cater toward its more diehard demographic by announcing its decision to release a Grimoire Anthology containing all of the science-fiction shooter series' lore.

As seen in the tweet below from Bungie, Guardians will be able to get their hands on the upcoming Grimoire Anthology book soon, with the Destiny developer officially titling the first volume as “Dark Mirror”. According to the information given from the store listing, the initial lore book of the Grimoire Anthology is going to be hardcover, will contain 128 pages total, and fans can pre-order it right now for $25 ahead of its fall 2018 release.

As many Destiny fans will likely attest, while the story was mostly absent from the original entry in the game series, the Grimoire often managed to supplement the plot in a significant way, so having the lore compiled in a book will be a godsend for mythology nerds. With this being the case, Bungie decided to lead with one of the more popular Grimoire cards as a tease for the book's content. As seen in the second image of the studio's tweet above, the right-hand page is the Grimoire entry XXVIII: King of Shapes from the Books of Sorrow, which was unlocked after finding a Calcified Fragment in The Taken King expansion, and it became one of the most talked-about pieces of lore due to it revealing how Oryx became The Taken King.

Taking all of this into account, the price is definitely right for the Destiny Grimoire Anthology Vol. 1: Dark Mirror book, especially when one considers the amount of context it will provide to Guardians who want to know the full story of the science-fiction IP's universe. Without a doubt, it should serve Guardians well while they're caught on a loading screen, waiting to dive into the game's world.

Bungie's Destiny Grimoire Anthology Vol. 1: Dark Mirror is set to release at some point in fall 2018.

Source: Bungie

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