Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Sniper Hits Missile Out Of Sky Mid-Match

Call of : Warfare fan aims and hits a shot at an impressive range against a target many thought indestructible.

Sniping tricks are not uncommon in the world of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. While some fans have spent years mastering the popular “360-no scope,” other players still struggle to hit a moving target. Still, any shot not taken in a Modern Warfare multiplayer match is a shot that will never hit its target.

In this case though, the shot did hit its target from an extreme distance. While longshots in Modern Warfare are hard already, hitting a moving target that is in the upper atmosphere is much more challenging. That is what makes this shot so impressive to the overall Call of Duty Reddit community.

The video starts with MattyTSquared lining up his shot with a distant object. Unsure of what it is, he zooms in with the scope and gets a closer look. He then spots a missile of some type headed towards the battlefield, so he aims ahead of the object and fires. To his surprise, he hits the targets a few seconds before another killstreak goes flying by.

This is a difficult shot for several reasons, as any player attempting it must monitor the speed of the object, bullet drop of the rifle, and an impact point of the shot all in a matter of seconds. Although no trophy or XP bonus appeared, there is little doubt that he did in fact hit something due to the impact point of the shot.

In the comments, MattyTSquared admits that it is the third or fourth time he has ever attempted a shot like that. He is not sure exactly what the object is as it could be a cruise missile, JOKR rocket, or some variation thereof.

Still, fans in the comments are overall positive. Many fans congratulated the player for this impressive long-distance Multiplayer shot, with several commenting on how they didn't think this was even possible. There are several fans who dispute the shot saying that XP should have been awarded, so the legitimacy of this shot is therefore left to each personal player's opinion.

Amazing shots like this are one of the Call of Duty community's favorite things to share as they show mastery over the guns themselves. Players gain a sense of renown by sharing moments like this that go to inspire other fans to attempt every shot. Players should remember that with every shot taken there is always a chance that it will land exactly where its meant to, as this fan has proven.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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