Civilization 6 Frontier Pass: When Will Pack 3 Be Revealed?

The Civilization 6 has released plenty of content in the past couple of months, and players may be eager to know what's next.

Civilization 6 has a season pass called the Pass which is supposed to include 6 distinct LDc. 2 of which havealready  been released with the most recent Ethiopia releasing in July. All the DLC released so far has made Civilization 6 a more enjoyable experience, so it's no secret that many are eagerly awaiting the 3rd pack.

The Ethiopia Pack was released on July 23rd for Civilization 6, which came with the new Ethiopia civ alongside their leader, Menelik II, and it also came with the Diplomatic Quarter building and the Secret Societies game mode. Most of this information was unveiled to the public on July 13th via a developer update video which was preceded by a tweet from devs on the 10th. But when is Firaxis going to give information on pack number 3?

Frontier Pass Pack #3: What do we know?

There are a few things that are common knowledge when it comes to the 3rd pack, all of which can be found in the description found on Steam for the Frontier Pass. The 3rd pack is supposed to release with 2 new civs with new leaders, a new game mode, some new world wonders, and one new map. The last bit of information we know is that it will be a part of Civilization 6 in September of this year.

As far as new civs and leaders, there are any number of possibilities. Consequentially, the Maya and Gran Columbia Pack and the Ethiopia Pack can't be used as baselines for predicting leaders for newer DLC due to a lack of a predictable pattern concerning content between the two DLCs. On the other hand, knowing what is already part of the game allows for some credible speculation as long as its not too closely related to content that already exists. For example: It is safe to say that there probably won't be any new leaders for the Maya, Gran Columbia, and Ethiopia because they are recent additions. The same thing applies for new game modes, wonders, and buildings. Still, it is fun to explore the possibilities of what leaders should be included in Civilization 6 as well as other parts of the DLCs, but for now, that remains the biggest variable.

Pack #3: What can be predicted?

The seemingly airtight silence around the 3rd pack has one hole, however. There is one similarity between the Maya and Gran Columbia Pack and the Ethiopia Pack that may present a pattern: the timing of their announcements. Both the Maya and Gran Columbia Pack and the Ethiopia Pack had an announcement that highlighted most of their features exactly 10 days before their release.

For the Frontier Pass and the 1st DLC pack, there was a developer update on May 11th detailing the two and then The Maya and Gran Columbia Pack released exactly 10 days later on May 21st. The Ethiopia Pack had a similar developer update video on July 13th detailing its contents, and again 10 days later on the 23rd of July, the Ethiopia Pack was released. Recognizing this pattern brings the observer closer to understanding the potential reveal date and release date of the 3rd pack.

This isn't a whole lot to go on unfortunately because there is still no definitive day in the month of September that the 3rd pack will release on. That's where the second interesting piece of the puzzle comes into play. Both May 21st and July 23rd happen to be the third Thursday of those particular months. If the pattern were to continue then reason would have it that the release date would also fall on the third Thursday of September, the 24th. Ergo, the reveal date would have to be the 14th of September which is in keeping with both patterns.

It would be pertinent to keep in mind that this is purely speculation and Firaxis Games have never explicitly stated its goal dates when releasing content. This is clearly to give the development team some wiggle room should any DLC take slightly longer to ship out. It is important for players to keep in mind that these dates aren't inflexible and are subject to change should an issue arise, but in any case, Civilization 6 players are keen to get their hands on the next DLC.

Civilization 6 is available for Linux, Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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