Clever Minecraft Fan Creates Their Own AI Friend to Play With

has been giving players the liberty to build anything they want for over a decade. Many have created amazing and massive structures in Minecraft, using their imaginations to come up with a number of objects to make using the iconic blocks. The game has proven to be a great playground for anyone who wishes to experiment and create to their heart's content.

Players have discovered a number of things that are buildable in Minecraft that few would have thought of. This includes working tanks, devices that can music, and mods for the game's various mobs. One player even created an AI that can play Minecraft with him whenever he is exploring the game alone.

A Redditor known as KevinJNguy01 shared a brief clip of an AI they built in Minecraft that is capable of playing the game alongside them. In the video, we see the user type “Give me a friend!” into the chat, which causes a character named Bestie to appear. It is then shown that the AI is capable of having a simple conversation with the player, which then begins following them around the world. The video shows KevinJNguy01 and Bestie taking on Minecraft's mobs, sharing cookies, and finally ending the day by climbing into bed and going to sleep. It is an incredible piece of technology that is great for anyone whose friends aren't around to play when they log on.

Bestie is giving Reddit users mixed feelings. Many do agree that the AI is amazing, with a few asking where they can get it for themselves. However, there are commenters who feel that creating Bestie is a little sad, with a number of Redditors asking if KevinJNguy01 needs a hug. Regardless, Bestie is a good idea that could become very useful to some who love to play Minecraft and need a companion for whatever reason.

Bestie is one of the many awesome things being built in Minecraft. A YouTuber going by the name Mysticat created a working tank in Minecraft, which works without any kind of mod. As the video shows, it can be driven and used to fire projectiles. The gamer makes the tank using a number of command blocks and some tinkering with commands, all while giving the piece of artillery an orange exterior. The video then shows Mysticat challenge some friends to a building contest, only to pull out the tank and blow everything up. The piece of weaponry is an amazing idea and could lead to some really fun times with friends.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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