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Marvel was, in fact, in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con Saturday night this year. Only, it wasn’t Marvel Studios teasing the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was Deadpool making its triumphant return since debuting the first footage from the first film back in 2015. And the return did not disappoint.

Deadpool 2 was released earlier this summer to critical and financial success but to promote the upcoming extended home version of the film, stars Ryan Reynolds, Zazie Beetz, Brianna Hildebrand and Stefan Kapičić along with director David Leitch and co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick did something of a victory lap in Hall H, answering fan questions, offering insight into production and, most importantly, showing clips from the “Super Duper [email protected]%!#& Cut.”

As is the case with many superhero films, the most notable scene was the final one, both in the film and the one shown in the panel. It was the alternate extended end credits scene we’d heard so much about. Wade Wilson goes back in time to save Vanessa, save Peter (with a added line that “X-Force” is just a marketing tool created by Fox to keep Josh Brolin employed), kill the Deadpool from X-Men Origins: Wolverine (with a few new lines of dialogue urging a young Hugh Jackman to team up with Deadpool) and killing Reynolds himself before he did Green Lantern.

But, in theatres, that’s where Deadpool 2 ended. Not in this cut.

In this version, there’s one more scene. We’re in an old nursery and Deadpool says “Boy howdy, this is touchy” as he approaches a crib. In the crib is an adorable baby, wiggling around as babies do. One of the baby’s arms is over his head and Deadpool remarks that he’s “practising a little salute,” but can’t quite do it.

“This is so much harder than I thought,” he says. He paces. He grabs his head. “I’m going to hell. Well, that makes two of us,” he jokes. “This is crazy, this is crazy,” he debates out loud. Only then do we see the name on the nursery: “A. Hitler.”

And then he does it. In a point of view shot from the baby’s perspective, we see Deadpool’s hands come right at the camera as if he’s going to choke the baby. “Maximum effort,” he says. And that was the end.

And with that, Hall H at Comic-Con ripped into shocked, excited applause. Many even rose to their feet, both for the scene and for the entire panel, which had a few other interesting tidbits as well.

  • An early version of Deadpool 2 was about the character trying to steal a chair from The Voice.
  • Reynolds hopes that in future movies, Wade’s pansexuality is explored even more.
  • He acknowledged that both Origins and Green Lantern are pretty bad, but he doesn’t hate them because they have given Deadpool so many great jokes.
  • Another deleted scene was shown of Wade acting as almost a father in the X-Mansion, except that he filled a soap dispenser with semen.

The Deadpool extended cut Blu-ray hits August 21 and digital August 7.

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