Destiny 2 Cheater Uses Revive Hack in Trials of Osiris

Most games work to make sure that all players are on somewhat equal footing, with skill being the determining factor as to who comes out on top against the other. 2 is no stranger to searching for this balance, as Bungie has buffed and nerfed guns and abilities over the course of the series' lifetime in an attempt to find the sweet spot where player ability triumphs over all.

However, it seems that some players aren't content with improving their skills, and instead look for any advantage they can get through weapons, abilities, or in some cases by hacking the game. One player by the name of Globe has been outed recently for cheating in Destiny 2‘s of playlist, a PvP game mode that has become the center of the current Season of the Worthy.

The cheating was captured by a Destiny 2 YouTuber and Twitch streamer who goes by the name Mtashed and posted proof of the foul play on his YouTube channel. In the video, Mtashed points out what the player did that goes against the established rules of the game, but he doesn't state exactly how it is accomplished. What viewers can see, is that Globe, the warlock player utilizing the exploit, manages to instantly after dying in order to win the game, even after his team would have otherwise lost if they had been playing according to the rules of Trials of Osiris.

Some players familiar with the original Destiny might assume that since Globe is playing as a Sunsinger, that is how the revive is available, but that type of self-resurrection does not appear in Destiny 2. Therefore, in order for Globe to pull off the glitch that he's using, he must be manipulating the game in a way that is otherwise not allowed by standard methods of play. Clearly, Globe and the rest of his team, shown to be playing on PC in the video, were fairly desperate to earn the rewards from Trials of Osiris, regardless of the more relaxed rules from the current build of the game mode.

While plenty of players have been displeased by Season of the Worthy, ending up on the receiving end of cheating is certainly worse than any growing pains Destiny 2 might be feeling during the transition into a new season. When players refuse to play by the rules, it can ruin the experience for everyone involved, turning a test of skill into a test of patience. With any luck, Bungie will be able to crack down on this soon and seal up the exploit used in the video, as well as take necessary actions against players willing to go to such extremes just to win.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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