Destiny 2 Details Bug Fixes Coming in Next Update

2 currently has quite a few bugs plaguing it at the moment, and with the Guardian Games event right around the corner, Bungie plans to fix as many of them as possible with Update 2.8.1.

This update will arrive with the next weekly reset on April 21, and Bungie has described what issues the update will address in its latest TWAB.

According to the developer, Update 2.8.1 will implement these changes:

  • The Ward of Dawn will properly generate Orbs of Light
  • The Warmind Security Triumph will now unlock when players fully upgrade any associated bunkers
  • Destiny 2 will no longer crash when players interact with the statue of Sjur Eidoin in the Shattered Throne during the Wish Ender quest
  • The Level 23 PDS upgrade will now allow any character to use it to clear bunkers
  • Rasputin's Daily Seraph Weapon will now allow any character to claim it
  • Completing the Forsaken campaign will now allow players to claim the finished version of The Lawless Frontier lore book-entry, “By Thy Tongue Be Damned”
  • Players' Roasters will no longer show listed friends as black nameplates with zero power

Outside of these , Bungie acknowledges the Beetle errors currently running rampant. The developer traces the origin of errors back to The Tower and its capacity. Apparently, whenever The Tower exceeds over 13 players, the number of Beetle errors spikes. As a quick fix to this, Bungie will lower the maximum number of players The Tower can hold at one time from 26 to 12. In the meantime, the developer will try to find a more permanent solution.

Bungie understands that the update doesn't address all of the issues currently in the game, but it wants players to know that it's working on a fix for them. Honorable mentions in this category include the glitched Winter's Guile and Wormgod Caress Exotics, which allow players to retain their Exotic buffs indefinitely. And the Trials of Osiris, which currently has a bug that makes the engram earned from a flawless-run chest disappear if players have obtained all available Trials rewards.

In regards to the glitched Winter's Guile and Wormgod Caress Exotics, Bungie has disabled them until it can find a proper fix, as both items currently pose a threat to the balance of the upcoming Guardian Games. Bungie mentioned the Telesto Fusion Rifle being a problem for the Games, too, but didn't say anything about disabling it like the others.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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