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Although there are only a few days left until the launch of 2’s Forsaken expansion, players are already trying to gather as much info about the new content as they can. They want to know what is in store for Destiny 2 Year 2 and those that look hard enough can find plenty of clues.

Just this week, for example, the trophies and achievements for Forsaken went live on their respective platforms. And while most are fairly straightforward some give us clues about the content included with Destiny 2’s first major expansion. But be warned, there are some spoilers.

There are 10 trophies/achievements in total, many of which are focused on the story of Destiny 2: Forsaken. Players will be rewarded for entering the Dreaming City for the first time and for putting an end to Uldren Sov, after the Awoken Prince killed Cayde-6.

Other trophies and achievements are geared towards the new tracking features of Destiny 2, like the Triumphs and the Collections. Apparently, there will be badges tied to certain Collections, presumably for obtaining every item within a specific set of gear (i.e. Crucible gear).

A leak this week some of the exotic quests that will be included with Destiny 2: Forsaken and it appears a trophy/achievement will be awarded for completing one of those. There is also one for collecting 10 exotics total, which is a little less than half of the exotic weapons and armor releasing with Forsaken.

destiny 2 last wish dreaming city forsaken raid

And finally, there is a trophy/achievement for completing the Last Wish raid. This has become a standard objective for each major expansion and it’s the piece of content that many Destiny 2 players have their sights set on. Unfortunately, they will have to wait until September 14th to unlock (or at least attempt to unlock) this achievement/trophy, since that is when the raid officially opens.

Check out the full trophy list below:

  • Earn 5000 Triumph Points
  • Collect 10 Forsaken Exotic Weapons or armor
  • Complete a Triumph Seal
  • Complete a Collections Badge
  • Enter the Dreaming City
  • Complete an Exotic Quest
  • Win a Gambit Match
  • Defeat A Forsaken Nightfall Boss
  • Pursue Uldren and the Fanatic to the Watchtower, and finish what you started
  • Complete the “Last Wish” Raid

Based on the list it seems safe to say that Destiny 2: Forsaken’s revenge story will feature a showdown with Uldren. The Watchtower sounds like the perfect place to come face to face with Cayde’s killer and it doesn’t hurt that the top dog of the Barons, The Fanatic, will be there too.

Destiny 2: Forsaken releases September 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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