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As with every Destiny 2 weekly reset, there is a whole list of activities players can take on to earn some powerful gear. While the Dreaming City has reset back to the low-curse form, like it was in one of Forsaken, the Ascendant Challenge is still brand new. To this challenge, players will want to load into the Dreaming City and head into the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector right behind the spawn point.

This Ascendant Challenge tasks Destiny 2 players with navigating a minor jumping puzzle until they reach an arena-like platform. The jumping section is simple, just follow the glowing orb as it guides players from platform-to-platform. The real challenge waits at the bottom of the jumping section, where many blights will start spawning along with two Taken Major Wizards. The challenge for this week is to simply defeat the wizards.

destiny 2 forsaken dreaming city week 5 ascendant challenge

There is also a lore collectible and three Taken eggs in this week's challenge. The Taken eggs are pretty hard to miss, but players will need the Wish-Ender exotic bow to break them. The first is near the top of the jumping puzzle. The second is halfway through the jumping puzzle floating out in the distance. The third egg is on top of the arena where players fight the boss. The lore collectible can be found about halfway through the jumping puzzle near the broken bridge. Instead of climbing down the bridge, climb up to find the Ahamkara bones.

High-damage supers like the new Hunter solar subclass will make short work of the Taken Wizards in this challenge, making this one of the easiest Ascendant Challenges to complete solo. If players want to load in with a fireteam then this week's Ascendant Challenge isn't much of a challenge at all. The jumping is easy, aside from one or two parts with rotating rocks, and the Wizards are a push-over with a good super and heavy weapon.

It's good to see that even though the Dreaming City is the same as it was three weeks ago, the Ascendant Challenges are still rotating in new content. Hopefully more new content will reveal itself over time as the Dreaming City continues to evolve.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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