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2: Forsaken is now out in the wild, and there’s a good chance that droves of new players and longtime Guardians are delving into all that the science fiction shooter’s latest expansion has to offer, with many  touting the new Mindbender as one of their favorite missions so far. However, those who have already taken out the titular Baron on their quest to avenge Cayde-6’s death may have overlooked the Adventure’s secret chest. Should this be the case, keep reading on to find the hidden loot’s location, but be wary, as minor spoilers may follow.

Once  2 players are able to beat the mad scientist-esque baddie known as Mindbender, they ought to get a prompt to “escape the ascendant realm,” but before doing so, make sure to look behind the portal on the right side to find a series of Dreadnaught-style platforms that lead to a key. Once there, grab the key, and then enter into the portal.


When Guardians have then made their way through the portal, they ought to come across a door that has a Hive lock on it. In order to get through, use the key to open the lock, and then open the chest. After doing so, 2 will reward players with the “Hiving In Plain Sight” Triumph, as well as the Secret Treasure emblem.

All things considered, discovering the Mindbender Adventure’s secret chest in Destiny 2 shouldn’t be all too difficult for Guardians who keep their eyes peeled while dishing out damage to foes on the battlefield. The low difficulty of unearthing it is especially telling thanks to Bungie‘s fun little joke about its location in the title of the aforementioned Triumph. But while coming across it may be simple, Guardians will first need to defeat Mindbender, which may prove to be a harder task than expected for some.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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