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While plenty of players are just now diving into Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion or waiting until the weekend and some free time, others are already deep into the grind. And with that grind comes a lot of mystery, as Bungie tends to only give clues when it comes to quest steps rather than outright explanations.

One of the quests that is leading to a lot of confusion is the Cayde's Will quest. Destiny 2 players will obtain this quest as part of the Forsaken campaign and its end reward is the Ace of Spades exotic, but getting there requires some work. It also has some spoilers, so be warned.

Once players have completed the Forsaken campaign they will reclaim Cayde-6's broken Ace of Spades hand cannon. After taking it to Banshee-44, the Gunsmith, a quest will begin that involves racking up hand cannon in various activities, the first of which is Gambit.

According to the Quest Step, players must get hand cannon invasion kills – 5 in total. But what isn't clear is what counts as an invasion kill. So let's clear things up.

Invader Kills Not Invasion Kills

When the Ace of Spades quest first leaked, there was speculation about the invasion kill and whether it meant kills as an invader or kills of an invader or both. As it turns out, invasion kills are only kills on an invader, which makes this quest step extremely hard to complete.


There isn't much preparation to be done for getting a hand cannon kill, outside of using one that has a fast equip time and pairing it with a blast radius weapon like a grenade launcher. Since the invader gets an over shield in Gambit, killing them with a hand cannon before they can kill you is very difficult, especially when most invaders run in with heavy weapons like Sleeper Simulant or pop their super immediately.

The best course of action, in our opinion, is to hit the invader with a grenade or grenade launcher and then switch to the hand cannon and try and finish them off. It's obviously easier said than done but the good is players only need 5 of these kills to get it done, and Gambit is going to be a very popular mode for a while.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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