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The latest expansion, Forsaken, has finally arrived on  2, and eager Guardians are raring to jump into the action, accumulate loot, and challenge the new raid. What they might not expect is that the raid is not readily available, and Guardians will have earn their way in. Players will need to make their way to the Dreaming , the hub for the newest raid in Destiny 2, but not before completing a series of challenges.

Complete the Campaign

In order to reach The Dreaming City, you will first need to complete the entire Forsaken campaign through “Nothing Left to Say”. Once this is complete, you'll speak with Ikora and Zavala before returning to the Tangled Shore to speak with Petra. Here, she will lead you to the Spider, who will assign you three tasks.

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Talisman Fragments

Your first goal is to collect talisman fragments from three Lost Sectors in the Tangled Shore. Head to The Empty Tank first, which is located on the western side of Thieves' Landing, and is the closet to the Spider's lair.

Next, head to Four-Horn Gulch, where you'll find another Lost Sector in the middle of the area. Finally, head to the Jetsam of Saturn, on the westernmost portion of the Tangled Shore. Complete each of the three Lost Sectors and loot them, then return to the Spider to be assigned another task.

Taken Massacre

For your next challenge, you'll need to kill a lot of Taken — 300, to be exact. It will come as a relief to know that this can be done anywhere, but the Lake of Shadows strike is your best bet to get it done quickly and efficiently. As an alternative, try completing public events on Io that feature Taken Blights.

Once you've demolished a sufficient number of Taken, head back to the Spider and prepare for the next step.

Ether Harvest

Your final task will send you back to Four-Horn Gulch, where you'll need to complete the public event “Ether Harvest”. Since there's no need to make it heroic, just head on over when it spawns and complete it.

The Dreaming City

Once you're finished dealing with the Spider, you'll have completed the artifact, which is your key to the Dreaming City. Before that, however, you'll need to complete two more missions before heading there. The mission “A Hum of Starlight” will be your first mission. This is followed by “Awakening”. Once these two missions are finished, you'll have complete access to The Dreaming City.

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Once the path to the Dreaming City is cleared, there are plenty of other activities and quests to keep things interesting. For example, Guardians can attempt to find the Mindbender Adventure's secret chest. This easily overlooked bit of treasure is found after dealing with Hiraks, the Mindbender, a Baron of Scorn, and rewards a Triumph and a special emblem.

If treasure hunting isn't your thing, try triggering the Cryopod heroic public event, which offers a greater challenge than regular public events, as well as greater rewards.

Good luck out there, Guardians.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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