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Destiny 2’s latest exotic quest is packed full of secrets and mysteries to unravel, and just when it seems like it’s all figured out, another new secret is unveiled. Players that have run through the new The Whispers exotic quest will have noticed a mysterious Vex gate hidden within the jumping maze, and observant fans of Destiny noticed that the gate shows an image of the Vault of Glass. While the mythic raid does not make an appearance in the mission, the glowing Oracles from the raid do. If players shoot the oracles in the correct order, they can acquire the schematics for a new exotic ship in Destiny 2.

There are seven oracles, but to get all seven to spawn, players will need to track down and open the five hidden chests within the heroic version of The Whispers. After all five chests have been opened, the oracles spawn in a specific order, which is actually a code that needs to be compared to the original Vault of Glass oracle spawns. Fortunately, players don’t have to do this, as popular content creator Teawrex has already deciphered it.

After the oracles sing their song, all seven will float in the air waiting to be shot in the correct order. Do not shoot the oracles until they are all waiting in the air. A full fireteam is recommended as the oracles need to be shot quickly. Players should use a scout rifle, or maybe even the new Whisper of the Worm exotic sniper if they are so inclined.

The first wave of oracles should be shot in this order (where far left is 1, and far right is 7): 1-3-5. The second wave should be: 4-6-7-3-1. The third and final wave should be: 7-3-1-6-4-2-5. If the three waves are shot correctly, then a chest should spawn, awarding them the Enigmatic Blueprint. The next step for the blueprint is to complete the Heroic version of The Whispers when each of the weekly elemental singe modifiers are active, so it will take three weeks to complete this schematic.

This surprise quest carries a lot more secrets than fans were anticipating. While some suspected the return of the Black Spindle in some form, many fans were not expecting this level of complexity. Hopefully, Bungie brings these types of missions back in the Dreaming City when Forsaken launches this fall.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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