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Destiny 2 fans can now get their hands on one of the most iconic and powerful exotics from Destiny: The Black Spindle. This exotic sniper, now dubbed Whisper of the Worm, will not be easy to get, but here is how Destiny 2 players can get their hands on this shiny new sniper.

destiny 2 black spindle whisper of the worm exotic sniper rifle white nail perk

Start the Taken Blight Public Event on Io and Kill the Taken Champion

The first step in this tedious quest is to find a Taken Blight public event in the Lost Oasis on Io. Players will want to be around 385 Power Level since the enemies in this mission will be 380. Running the Prestige Raids to get the 400 Power weapons will certainly help with this mission. Likewise, bring a full fireteam as players will need all the help they can get during the mission.

Once the event has started, a Taken champion will spawn somewhere on the Lost Oasis. This will be a named enemy, and could be a Taken Knight, Captain, or Centurion. Once the enemy is defeated, a strange looking Taken portal will spawn on the Lost Oasis. When the fireteam leader interacts with the portal, the team will be warped into the nearby Lost Sector, where they must jump up and to the right of the spawn point to find a Taken Blight. Shoot the Blight and drop into the hole beneath.

Navigate the Jumping Maze

Much like the original Black Spindle mission in Destiny, The Whispers mission is timed. Players will have 20 minutes to navigate the maze and defeat the enemies at the end. The maze is reminiscent of the Vault of Glass jumping puzzles. The rule of thumb for this area is to follow the red lights and jump from platform to platform as players avoid the pistons on the wall that will push them off. When players reach the pillar in the center of the chasm, jump around the left side of the pillar and keep following the wall.

Eventually players will stumble into a room with Vex-like portals on the wall. Going into the wrong portal will result in death, so players will want to navigate the right side and jump into the top-right portal in the back of the room.

When players enter the room with a hole in the ground leading to a bunch of shadow Thrall, don’t jump down the hole but instead climb up the wall to the right. This will lead to the top of the room.

Taken Fights and Boss Rush

Eventually players will start encountering rooms full of Taken blights and enemies. Clear the enemies and the blights to make navigating the rooms easier. After clearing several rooms of adds, players will drop into a room with three Taken Champions – the Taken Captain, Centurion, and Knight from the start of the mission. When players defeat these three enemies, they will be rewarded with the Whisper of the Worm sniper rifle.

The sniper carries all the same perks as it’s predecessor, including White Nail which refills the magazine after three quick precision hits. It also features Mulligan, which can add a bullet back to the weapon if a shot is missed. Once the mission is cleared, a 400 Power Level Heroic version of this mission will be available, which will likely give players the Exotic Catalyst for the weapon. Players may need to wait until Solstice of Heroes launches to get their hands on 400 Power armor to be powerful enough to take on this mission.

destiny 2 black spindle whisper of the worm exotic sniper rifle lore tab

While many fans speculated that Black Spindle was in Destiny 2 since the launch of Warmind, it seems that Bungie finally flipped the switch to let players snag this powerful weapon. Hopefully more quests like this will be present in the Dreaming City when Forsaken launches this fall.


Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.



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