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The Whisper, Destiny 2‘s new hidden quest that's been taking the community by storm in the past week, seems to have even more secrets than we initially knew about. One of these secrets in the Destiny 2 Whisper quest happens to have a heavy connection to the of Glass – Destiny‘s first ever .

The big tie-in here comes from one of the secret chests that are hidden in The Whisper. The chest, dubbed by the community to be the “Oracle Chest,” can only be unlocked when you shoot a few melodic, shining lights in a very specific sequence at a certain part of the mission. The order in which you shoot these lights can be discerned with some knowledge from the Vault of Glass, which was the first appearance of these “Oracles.”

Beyond just using a beloved mechanic from the Vault of Glass, there's one other thing that community members have discovered to be a strong link to Destiny‘s first raid. Apparently, at one point during the mission, you can find a Vex portal standing on a platform, doing nothing particularly noteworthy. You can't enter this portal, but if you look through it, you can see what is very likely part of the Vault of Glass.

destiny 2 the whispers heroic quest hidden vex gate vault of glass oracles

Community members from the original days of Destiny are going wild with their theories on this one. One theory that's been thrown around frequently is that this is the lead-up to a remastered version of the Vault of Glass some time in the future of Destiny 2. Between this hint in The Whisper and the appearance of another part of the Vault of Glass in the opening cutscene to Curse of Osiris, that's beginning to seem like a plausible theory.

The Vault of Glass is beloved by the community of Destiny players who prided themselves on hardcore raiding during the original game, second only to King's Fall in many player's eyes as Destiny‘s best raid. There's no doubt that remastering it would be a good move – it's just a matter of whether or not Bungie would put in the time necessary to do it.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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