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Leave it to players to always find the exploits in a game which will give them an edge, especially when it comes to higher level content. 2 players are no different, and one of the quickest places fans will find exploits is the . Since the launch of the Last Wish raid earlier this month, players have already found many efficient ways to clear the numerous encounters in the raid, whether that be ways to cheese encounters, highly effective strategies, or taking advantage of bugs or glitches.

Sometimes those exploits get patched by developer Bungie, while other times the developer lets them slide. In a recent interview, Destiny 2 Raid Team Lead Joe Blackburn shared his thoughts on which exploits in Last Wish that Bungie considers okay.

First up, Blackburn talked about players using the very powerful IKELOS shotgun to kill Morgeth by shooting it in the back of the leg. Blackburn says “Good on you,” to players for figuring out that one, saying he doesn't consider that method of taking down that boss a cheese or an exploit. Players are using weapons they earned by investing the time and aren't breaking the game in any illegitimate way so that highly effective strategy is good to go for players.

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However, there is a bug that involves players using a Nightfall emblem that allows them to avoid taking damage within the Shiro Chi encounter, and to that Blackburn said Bungie is working on a fix to patch that exploit out.

Falling somewhere in the middle of those two extremes is the method of killing the final boss of the raid, Riven, in less than one phase using a number of buffs, debuffs, and cluster bomb rockets. Blackburn said that Bungie is taking a hard look at that:

“We're evaluating the community's response to it and we're still looking and learning and figuring out what the right thing for that encounter is.”

So while a verdict on that one is up in the air, fans can get a good idea of how Bungie views things as players get better and better at completing the Last Wish raid.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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