Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Trailer Releases Early

's Season 17 has been long-awaited by the fans, who were thrilled to witness the early release of the ahead of its scheduled launch. As the ‘Season of the Haunted', Season 17 starts off with the trailer that displays what to expect from the upcoming free-to-play online multiplayer first-person shooter video game, including the storylines and its themes.

The adventure that the players will venture on this time will have the characters of Crow, Zavala, Eris, and Empress Caiatl at the crux, as well as Solar abilities for the classes and the corrupted Levithan. It seems to focus on Hive and The Darkness, with Nightmares on the prowl as well as the return of Calus. The trailer also showcases the legendary artifact called the Crown of Sorrow through artwork at the end, which has caused speculation for another angle for the storyline.

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Trailer Gives Guardians First Look at ‘Haunted' Storyline

Players are already eager to learn about the new features coming to Destiny 2 over the next couple of months, with the new trailer being published first by Sony as a Japanese version, after which the developers of the game, Bungie followed up with the official English version. The official page of Destiny 2 provides fans with a taste of the upcoming weapons that Calus will be wielding.

Furthermore, there will be new Solar 3.0 abilities gifted to each class, where the Titans will receive a second hammer charge as the first one will return after they crash into an opponent. Warlocks will be able to send out solar charges by snapping their fingers in order to set enemies on fire. Hunters will get another dagger ability.

Destiny 2 Season 17 Trailer Releases Before Launch

The description of the video reads: “Driven by an insatiable lust for power, Calus seeks the approval of a new master. His once-opulent ship, now derelict and corrupted, has returned to our galaxy—its sights set on the power promised by the Pyramid ship lying dormant on the Moon.”

In addition to the implications this causes to the storyline, the new Season will have new activities for players which are the Nightmare Containment and a weekly Sever mission. There will be a new Season Pass included with this update, with more to follow. The new Season will be available from 24th May to 23rd August.

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