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Bungie hasn’t been very tight-lipped about its upcoming expansion for Destiny 2, The Forsaken, since its reveal at E3, offering the usual healthy fare of updates and development streams Twitch. Now, the developer has shown off another piece of The Forsaken expansion, The Tangled Shore, one of the new locations making its way into the game later this Summer. Bungie first teased the zone a few weeks ago, but this is the healthiest look the developer has given so far.

Our first in-depth look at The Tangled Shore comes thanks to Game Informer, who have a month’s worth of Destiny 2 content planned. To see the video, head to their post by clicking here.

The Tangled Short seems to match the expansion’s darker narrative tone, which will go so far as to kill off fan-favorite characters in the opening of the storyline. The location boasts Fallen architecture similar to what fans are used to, but more down-trodden and tribal to represent the exiled Scorn enemies guardians will face throughout the expansion. There’s a healthy mix of wide-open and tight areas in the zone, some of which even have some light horror elements to them, which should be refreshing to long-time fans.

The Fanatic Destiny 2 Forsaken Baron

In addition to the scenery, The gameplay shows off some of the new activities players will embark on in the zone, including a Public Event and some Lost Sectors. The Public Event will task players with taking down a fugitive that has escaped from a cryo-pod. It isn’t a drastic departure from what guardians have done before, but it is nice to see Bungie making new additions to the expansion rather than recycling older events.

The Lost Sector portion of the gameplay is edited, but still offers a decent look at some of The Forsaken’s new enemies, including a Chieftan, a new enemy with throwable A.O.E. attacks that will force guardians to keep moving. There are only a few glimpses of the enemy, but it does seem to be one of the more visually interesting enemies seen thus far.

Overall, The Forsaken seems to be shaking up Destiny 2 in the way that The Taken King did with its predecessor. How fans will react to some of the changes will be interesting, as Bungie’s relationship with their fans can usually be described as tumultuous. Regardless, what’s been shown so far is likely to bring many disheartened fans back into the franchise, at least for a while. Hopefully, The Tangled Shore will be an interesting enough zone to retain fans as they grind their way up to the new maximum power level.

Source:Game Informer

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