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Bungie dropped a hefty amount of new information and footage for 2: Forsaken today. Included in the new media is a trailer centered around The Dreaming City, Forsaken’s end-game zone. Bungie has already stated that the Dreaming City is going to be a world unto itself, filled with combat challenges to overcome and puzzles to solve. It certainly looks like there’s plenty to get excited for here, possibly even more for those who are lore fans.

In Destiny: The Taken King, guardians faced off and defeated the angry Hive god Oryx. It was a victory to be sure, but Oryx isn’t the only Hive god out there. Oryx was actually only one of three sisters, the other two of which are both Hive gods themselves. Lore fans have been speculating as to whether or not either of Oryx’s siblings would be featured in-game. Well, this latest Destiny 2: Forsaken trailer might have just teased the arrival of Savathun, the “Witch-Queen.”

A Reddit user going by the handle of “TheDarkS0ul” grabbed the above image from the trailer, and posted it in the Destiny sub-reddit. Speculation holds that the wizard-type enemy framed by the center window is Savathun.

The evidence is, of course, circumstantial, but it does make a degree of sense. This wizard is of a completely different model than those seen before, marking it as a unique enemy. It’s flanked by three Abyssal Knights, which would make sense if this wizard is a Hive VIP. The goings-on described in the Dreaming City trailer seem to point to a very specific crisis afflicting the location: it being the victim of a Hive curse and merging with the Ascendant Realm. It definitely sounds like the kind of situation a god-like Hive wizard would cause. One wonders what kind of weapon mod would enable the destruction of such a being.

The chief debate in the thread seems to be revolving around the context of this encounter. The space appears to be too small for a raid encounter, yet many see Savathun as too important a character to be reduced to a Strike boss. Perhaps this is a story-mission encounter? Hopefully Bungie will reveal more about this, and other aspects of Forsaken like its elemental weapons in the coming weeks.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 4.

Source: Reddit

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