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After players complete the Destiny 2: Forsaken campaign, one of the first things many players are going to do is repair the Ace of Spaces exotic hand cannon. The Ace of Spades was Cayde-6's signature weapon, and now players are tasked with repairing it to its former glory. One of the steps for the Ace of Spades is to Cayde's secret stashes in various destinations, and here is where they are all located.

Chest 1: EDZ

Destiny 2 Firebase Hades European Dead Zone

The first chest Destiny 2 players will need to track down is in the EDZ. Head over to Firebase Hades and go into the base typically seen at the start of the Arms Dealer strike. When players get to the area where they would normally dunk the solar charge, run off to the right from where the solar charge is and find the alcove immediately on the left side of the walkway. In the alcove behind a tank is Cayde chest #1.

Chest 2: Nessus

destiny 2 nessus hidden stash ace of spades

When players spawn in at the Exodus Black, head right and drop into the subterranean cavern which is used during the Exodus Siege adventure. When players enter the cavern, they will see a Vex gate on the left and a path on the right. Follow the path on the right until players reach a room with some rocks suspended in a light beam.

Behind the light and to the left is a glowing metallic ring which goes around the room. Cayde chest #2 is hidden in this ring on the back-left side of where players enter this room. Players are now half-way through the chests to honor the fallen Hunter.

Chest 3: Io

destiny 2 io hidden cayde stash wraith mines ace of spades

On Io, players will need to head to the Wraith Mines and enter the cavern with the giant drill. Players will need to climb up the room until they nearly reach the top. When standing near the top of the drill, players will see Cayde chest #3 on a ledge straight ahead. There are also plenty of Taken enemies here for the earlier quest step to kill Taken.

Chest 4: Tangled Shore

destiny 2 cayde hidden stash jetsam of saturn tangled shore

On the southern side of the Jetsam of Saturn is a cave entrance hidden near the hull of the Hive ship in the Tangled Shore patrol zone. It is the southernmost path leading out of the Jetsam of Saturn. When players enter this cave, it will lead them through a long and winding network of caves filled with Hive. Players will know they are in the right room when they find the crashed Fallen Ketch in the center of the chest room. The Cayde chest #4 is behind and to the left of the crashed ship.

Once players finish this step of the quest, they will need to complete a mission from Banshee-44 and then this powerful exotic hand cannon will be theirs. Ace of Spades is one of the best hand cannons in Destiny 2 at the moment, so it's definitely worth the grind.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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