Destiny 2 Into the Light Update gives players three new maps

Bungie has launched three new PvP Crucible for Destiny 2 as part of the Into the update, a free content offering that began in April. The maps are currently available to play as part of a 3v3 playlist called New Territory.

In their April developer livestream, Bungie mentioned that they engaged with fans and community members to consult on map design. This approach seems to have worked because the initial response to the new maps has been positive.

“The 3 new PvP maps are significantly more enjoyable than most maps,” said one Reddit user. “The new PVP maps is the most fun I've had in Destiny 2 PVP in like 2 years,” said a poster on X.

Eventide Labs

Taking place in a deserted research outpost on Europa which has been co-opted as a refueling statin by Eramis, Eventide Labs is the first new map. Contest the Servitor area in this close-quarters focused map with cramped rooms and few vantage points for ranged sniping.

Cirrus Plaza

Cirrus Plaza is a shopping and entertainment center on Neomuna in Neptune. Battle to take charge of the Heavy ammo crate in the Atrium and make sure your back is covered or risk danger with long lines of sight in this open, spacious map.


Dissonance is a terraformed Pyramid ship, making a unique setting for a skirmish. Built for heavy head-to-head fights over the Heavy ammo, you can't get too distracted by the unsettling environment – the enemy could be just around any corner.

The next large update to Destiny 2 is The Final Shape, a premium expansion that will arrive in June, following some earlier delays.

The full patch notes from the update include several tweaks and bug fixes.

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