Devil May Cry 5 Mod Gives Players Access to Japan-Exclusive Devil Breaker

May 5 introduced a new combat mechanic to the series in Nero’s Devil Breakers, replaceable mechanical arms that give the demon hunter access to an array of powerful abilities. While there are many different Devil Breakers in the base game, one in particular, called Monkey Business, was initially only available to those that pre-ordered the title through Amazon Japan. However, players worldwide can now try out this exclusive weapon thanks to a recently released mod.

Created by Nexus user Gosetsu, the Devil Monkey Business mod replaces Devil May Cry 5‘s Sweet Surrender Devil Breaker with the banana bunch-inspired Monkey Business. To be clear, this mod adds a fully functional version of the weapon to the game, with its abilities, and it is not a mere reskin. This means that a new group of players now have a chance to experience this special Devil Breaker.

That said, this group of players is restricted to those that are playing Devil May Cry 5 on PC, the platform for which the mod is intended. While this may be disappointing to those that own copies for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, the mod still means that the Monkey Business is much more accessible than it was previously.

devil may cry 5 japan exclusive devil breaker

With respect to its abilities, the Monkey Business Devil Breaker, by default, drills its bananas into an enemy upon attack, and charging the weapon will cause Nero to go airborne and zip toward his opponent. For players that have used the game’s Helter Skelter Devil Breaker, this functionality will feel quite familiar.

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Indeed, the Monkey Business does not bring much to the table in terms of gameplay that is not already covered by the Helter Skelter. Even still, it definitely has a unique look that will undoubtedly tickle some fans and potentially lead to some excellent photo mode opportunities.

Devil May Cry 5 is a standout mix of hyper-violence and humor a title that our writers have called “the perfect action game.” Certainly, decimating foes with deadly bananas fits within this unique melange of tones, and this mod is sure to be welcomed by those looking to get a little more out of Capcom’s newest release.

Devil May Cry 5 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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