Division 2 Won’t Lower Raid Difficulty for Console Players

hoping that developer Massive Entertainment might tweak the on console are out of luck, as this week the studio confirmed it has no plans to do so. The developer did, however, detail some improvements to gameplay and bug fixes that are in the works, and could potentially alleviate some of the difficulty of the Operation Dark Hours raid.

During this week’s State of the Game stream, developer Massive Entertainment spent a sizeable amount of time congratulating those 2 players that had completed the Operation Dark Hours raid. As part of that congratulations, the devs also announced that the World’s First teams on each platform would get their individual groups memorialized in a White House portrait. Before, Massive was only going to create an image for the true World’s First team, but after some nudging from fans that saw how difficult the console version of the raid is, the team decided every platform deserved its representatives.

But while the talk of those who completed the raid was well and good, many in the stream’s chat asked if anything would be done to accommodate those who couldn’t complete the raid. Unfortunately, the devs dismissed the idea saying that even though they realize there is an imbalance on PS4 and Xbox One, some players have beat the raid on console.

Given the curt response to suggestions of balancing The Division 2 raid separately on console, it sounds as though it’s either a tough task or Massive likes how the experience is tuned. There’s no question that the experience is much harder on console, as only about 150 players have beat the raid while 7,000 have done so on PC.

That being said, the raid might get easier once Massive addresses the enemy AI bug in The Division 2 that is causing enemies to behave erratically, rushing the player and ignoring any damage. There was a similar bug in the game a few months ago but this new bug has its own root cause and it will take Massive some time to fix. But perhaps once enemies are not so aggressive, the raid might be easier to complete on all platforms.

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