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Tim Kitzrow brought the game to life as the announcer in NBA Jam, NFL Blitz and NHL Hitz, and now his energetic style could be brought to another game. Appearing on the Steam Community Workshop now, an announcer voice for 2 featuring Kitzrow’s iconic delivery is available to be voted on by Steam users.

The pack, entitled “ Jam Announcer Pack” features the voice of Kitzrow, delivering some iconic catchphrases and commentary that sounds like it came straight from NBA Jam. In reality, the voice actor recorded brand new lines just for the 2 announcer pack. The pack isn’t yet complete, as the developers are currently waiting to see if Steam will approve it. The promo video seen below gives players a good idea of what it would sound like to have NBA Jam-style commentary played over the game’s frenetic action.

Long-time fans of Dota 2 likely remember a similar fan-made voice mod that did use ripped vocals from Kitzrow’s prior work in NBA Jam. Following the launch of Dota 2 Reborn, it became much more difficult to apply this type of mod, so many players had to say goodbye to the voice of Kitzrow. Should the pack be approved by Steam, the voice will be back and better than ever with a planned fall release. Kitzrow is promoting the pack on his Twitter page and has noted that he’s currently taking requests for custom lines that fans would like to hear in the finished announcer pack.

Gamers who aren’t familiar with NBA Jam or want something a little more calming in their Dota 2 runs can look forward to adding the soothing voice of Gaben himself, who recently recorded new lines for Dota 2 for the Gabe Newell Mega Kill Announcer Pack.  The announcer pack includes some of Gabe Newell’s own iconic catchphrases, and even pokes fun at the long-standing joke that he can’t say the number three.

For now, gamers who want to help make Dota Jam a reality can visit the page on the Steam Community Workshop and give it a vote to provide it more visibility and improve its chances of making the cut with Valve. Fans can also request lines by tweeting directly to Kitzrow or by leaving a comment on the Workshop page.

Dota 2 is out now on Steam for PC, OSX, and Linux systems.

Source: Steam

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