Dr Disrespect Hints at Big Call of Duty League Plans

Dr and others close to him hint that the YouTube streamer may be buying into a Call of League team in the future.

Even before the entertainer’s controversial ban from Twitch this past June, Dr Disrespect has been a well-known figure in the gaming community. Since he moved his streaming platform to YouTube, he has continued to show off his skills in games such as Call of Duty: Warzone and Fall Guys. However, the entertainer may be taking a step into the Call of Duty League as well.

The gaming entertainer has been branching off into other types of entrepreneurial endeavors besides his streaming content. This summer, he announced that a Dr Disrespect memoir will be coming out next year, and many of his fans are excited to see what else he will be bringing them next. A recent picture from fellow streamer Nadeshot has led many to believe that Dr Disrespect may be getting involved with a Call of Duty League team in the future.

Nadeshot has previously hinted that he may be getting involved in a Call of Duty League team, and since H3CZ recently bought back ownership of OpTic Gaming, there have been many rumors circulating about other names that may join the Call of Duty league in some capacity. Recently, Nadeshot posted a picture to Instagram with H3CZ as well as Dr Disrespect, captioning the image “Mount Rushmore.” This has fueled even more speculation about Dr Disrespect’s future involvement in the professional side of Call of Duty.

When questioned by viewers during a recent Call of Duty: Warzone stream, Dr Disrespect said that he probably wouldn’t have his own Call of Duty League team in the future. However, he brought up the idea of being a shareholder for a team and commented, “You never know.” It’s not out of character for the streamer to tease future prospects with his fans, but this one may actually happen. Since H3CZ has a spot at Chicago Huntsmen team, he needs to sell or give it up after purchasing the OpTic LA Call of Duty League spot. H3CZ has said that he “intends to divest to interested esports organizations,” so Dr Disrespect may be buying into that organization.

While nothing is set in stone, Dr Disrespect brought up the shareholder theory out of nowhere, so many of his fans are speculating that there is truth there. However, fans will have to wait and see until more information comes to light. Dr Disrespect continues to stream his gameplay on YouTube, and viewers may see him hint more about this potential deal in the future.

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