Facebook Gaming expands streamers access to licensed music

Gaming is expanding ’ access to a library of licensed music that will enable them to play tunes while streaming gameplay. And they won’t have to worry about facing as many takedown messages from music companies.

Facebook Gaming is licensing music on the behalf of streamers, said Luis Renato Olivalves (its director of global gaming creator partnerships) in an interview with GamesBeat. But Facebook Gaming will also have to enforce copyright rules. If a streamer happens to select a song that has a restricted license, then Facebook Gaming will flag it for the streamer.

The program started last year with an experiment that gave about 1,000 access to a library of music. Now Facebook is expanding that to more than 100,000 streamers.

“Music is essential, and it’s a better experience for not only the person who is creating the content but also leads to a more engaged community,” said Renato Olivalves. “We’re confident right now that the system in place is scalable from a couple of thousand partners to all of our partners.”

Facebook and its allies in the music industry believe background music can play a complementary role to game streaming. However, there are still a lot of current issues with licensing, Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedowns, and platforms that make life tough for those who run afoul of copyrighted music policies.

All of Facebook’s Partner and Level Up Creators can now play background music during their gaming livestreams on Facebook Gaming — including clips made from a livestream and the VOD versions of livestreams.

And Renato Olivalves said this isn’t elevator music. Facebook has deals in place with hundreds of labels, publishers, and societies, including Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Kobalt Music Group, BMG, and Merlin.

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