Fallout 76 Adding Beer Brewing Crafting System

Bethesda is preparing to launch a large update for 76 called the Wild Appalachia expansion on March 12, and it promises to breathe plenty of new life into the online post-apocalyptic title. This Fallout 76 update will introduce new mythical beasts to fight, have players join the Pioneer Scouts, and allow players to brew their own beer.

The March 12 update will allow gamers to add new brewing and distilling systems to their C.A.M.P., which produce consumable items that grant temporary boosts. Bethesda has given fair warning that consuming these alcoholic beverages too much will bring a “hangover” of sorts to the player, but many fans are excited about the new mechanic regardless.

The brewing process will start from a new quest called “Wasted On Nukashine”, a clear play on the popular in-game Nuka-Cola brand and moonshine. However, players won't just be limited to brewing that one alcoholic substance. Everything from beer to wine will be craftable, but they all come with their own nuances. For instance, wines and spirits will take longer to ferment, but change properties based on if they're fresh or vintage. In short, aging wines and spirits for longer durations of time will grant more boosts when they're consumed.

Later on, Fallout 76‘s Wild Appalachia update will introduce the Shear Terror quest, which will focus on mythical monsters. It's not quite known what players will encounter yet, but gamers might want to pack a few distilled beverages to help aid them in the fight. After that, a quest called Ever Upwards will see players join a post-apocalyptic version of the Scouts, earning merit badges in appropriately post-apocalyptic scenarios.

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Brews and the Wild Appalachia expansion aside, Bethesda seems to be working hard to introduce more content for Fallout 76, especially after the title received a less than stellar reception from fans that has been compounded by PR problems and nonsensical bans alike. Late March will see a survival PvP mode arrive to the Wasteland, which should produce a much more tense environment when players encounter one another. There's also an event called the Fasnacht Parade set to begin on March 19, with Bethesda promising unique rewards to survivors who participate.

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