Fallout 76 Details All the New Update 21 Content

21 goes live for 76, bringing all new missions, events, and numerous bug fixes to Bethesda's ever-growing Fallout MMO.

The newest for Fallout 76 is out today, and it seems to be bringing a huge amount of to the game, along with the requisite bug fixes expected in patches to ongoing titles. This came alongside an extended downtime as Bethesda prepared Fallout 76‘s servers for the update earlier today.

Now that the update is live, Bethesda has released the patch notes for Fallout 76‘s update 21, or version, as the new file can be recognized on PC and consoles. Tons of new events and additions to the game have been updated, including the hotly anticipated Brotherhood of Steel event that lets players across the community work together to give the notorious faction a foothold in Appalachia.

According to Bethesda's own highlights, the biggest additions coming to update 21 are the new events, Fortifying ATLAS and A Colossal Problem, and the return of Meat Week. For now, only the Fortifying ATLAS event will be available when the update launches, and while A Colossal Problem is in the game files, it won't be available until a future update finishes polishing its performance. However, with Fortifying ATLAS being a community-wide event in Fallout 76, divided into two parts, there is plenty to keep players busy as they work together on the currently available Project: Alpha portion of the global effort.

Update 21 Highlights

    • Fortifying ATLAS: Starting today, join the community in delivering construction supplies to ATLAS Observatory to help unlock events and new cosmetic rewards for everyone.
    • A Colossal Problem: In the coming weeks, you will be able to team up with other Dwellers to take on deadly beasts deep within Monongah Mine in this challenging new Public Event.
    • Meat Week: The biggest Meat Cook in all of Appalachia kicks off August 18 with the return of the Meat Week Seasonal Event.

In addition to adding new events and missions to Fallout 76‘s ever-growing Season 1, the update also comes along with a number of fixes for the game. These include bug fixes on items or enemy encounters, such as the screen locking when fighting against a Wendigo Colossus, to patching up exploits, like the bow being able to be fired faster than intended. As a result, a number of key issues with CAMPs and items have been addressed, which should make life in the post-apocalyptic Appalachia slightly more bearable for players.

The full notes are extensive and detail a number of changes coming to Fallout 76, both with update 21 and future updates expected to add even more content down the line. It seems that Bethesda's primary focus here has been the new events, like Fortifying ATLAS, which should give players all-new ways to customize their worlds in Fallout 76. However, for players that have stuck with the game since launch, and continued on after the Wastelanders update, seeing just as much effort put into fixing bugs as adding content should encourage fans that Bethesda and ZeniMax still have faith in the game.

Fallout 76 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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