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Not too long ago, the game publisher and developer Bethesda detailed how former Vault Dwellers in the forthcoming multiplayer post-apocalyptic RPG 76 would be able to unlock nukes in the title when it launches. Now, the company has decided to release a new animated that further drives home the point of how armaments can be acquired by players through the use of teamwork.

As seen below in Fallout 76‘s “Atomics for Peace!” video, Bethesda stresses that players who work together with fellow survivors will have a much higher chance of survival in the Appalachian Wasteland than those who do not. And as previously mentioned, as one explores the open world, they will come across portions of nuclear launch codes that can then be combined with the pieces that other survivors have found in order to get the full code in a much quicker manner.

While launching nukes on opponents and on the Appalachian Wasteland’s various enemy types sounds like an exciting and enticing prospect, it’s important to note that Fallout 76 players will need to exercise strategy and discretion before doing so. For even though a nuke ought to utterly decimate those in the existing environment, once the missile is launched, the affected area will then contain high-level threats. On the plus side, though, the added danger also means that there will be rare and valuable materials up for grabs at ground zero, too.

All things considered, Fallout 76 is easily one of the most highly anticipated games of fall 2018, and Bethesda’s continued promotion of the title is definitely helping to keep the action-RPG at the forefront of many gamers’ minds. That said, though, we will simply have to wait and see if Fallout 76 manages to hit or exceed expectations, especially since this is the first time that Bethesda has created an online-only experience for the post-apocalyptic franchise.

Fallout 76 is scheduled to launch on November 14, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bethesda Softworks – YouTube

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