Fallout Shelter’s Sequel Looks Cool, But Is For China Only

There’s a sequel to Shelter about to be released, called Fallout Shelter Online, and it features new stuff like attacks on other vaults and even player-vs-player combat. Pity, then, that at the moment it’s only coming out in .

JuiceHead has made this very handy (via @secretzsc) from closed betas giving everyone a rundown of the game as it stands, with a final release due for next .

This looks cool! It’s still very much Fallout Shelter, only with more stuff, a lot of it the natural, expected things people would have wanted from a sequel, especially the ability to go raid other vaults.

As obvious as it would be to assume a game like this would be coming out in the West, when it was first announced last year, Bethesda’s Pete Hines said Fallout Shelter Online was being “developed in China, for China”.

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