Final Fantasy XIV summons over 20 million players

Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy has surpassed the 20 registered players mark.

The first version of Final Fantasy XIV launched in 2010, but it was a disaster. reacted so poorly to the online multiplayer game that Square Enix remade it, releasing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in 2013. This version has fared much better, having received three major expansions since its debut. And since players pay a subscription to experience newer content, it has become a strong revenue source for Square Enix.

Twenty million registered players does not mean active players, so it’s not like 20 million people are running around Final Fantasy XIV’s online world at this moment. But that is still an impressive number. While most MMOs do not give out much in the way of player data, Final Fantasy XIV is likely one of the most popular MMOs today outside of World of Warcraft.


Along with announcing this milestone, Final Fantasy XIV is expanding its free trial. Players can now go through the Heavensward expansion, the first of the three, without having to pay a subscription.

Final Fantasy XIV will also soon add new main scenario quests that will continue the story of the last expansion, Shadowbringers. Square Enix is also streamlining the original A Realm Reborn questline to make it more pleasant for new players.

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