Fornite Drops Release Date for Nike Airphoria Vol. 2 Set

Fortnite is reportedly releasing the second iteration of its Nike Airphoria collaboration on March 27, 2024. Players will be able to access the set after it releases on the game's item shop rotation.

Airphoria's second wave of cosmetics includes the Eclipse Outfit, Airphorian Outfit, OG Max Back Bling, Vac n' Hack Pickaxe, Fresh Out the Box Emote, and Maxxed Out Portal Loading Screen.

According to sources, while Epic has only officially announced the of the new Bundle, the original set is likely to be available in the Item Shop soon.

Fortnite has reportedly hosted some of the most high-profile partnerships in the video game business. From performers like Ariana Grande and Travis Scott to brands like DC and Marvel, fans have experienced some very intriguing crossovers in recent years.

However, Epic Games continues to come up with novel ways to engage the audience. For example, the Eminem concert in Fortnite surprised many and was one of the most successful events in the game's history. Nike's collaboration is one of the first glimpses of what Epic Games has in store for Chapter 5 Season 2.

Fortnite's Nike Leaks

The official release date confirms that prior leaks of the Fortnite x Nike partnership were correct. Previously, prominent Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey hinted that the famed Nike-Fortnite cooperation will return.

The leak started with an Instagram reel shared by Twitch streamer Jalon. In the video, she showed off a pair of Air Max Dn she received as part of a collaboration with Nike for the shoes' introduction and the Airphoria Volume 2 event.

Epic Games and Fashion

Epic Games's new Nike Airphoria set is another testament to how successful the company is in collaborating with various fashion brands. Epic reportedly secured some significant collaborations with fashion and clothing brands. Ralph Lauren launched a special island in Fortnite in early 2023. The business also signed long-term agreements with LVMH, among others.

Back in June 2022, Nike, which was developing its own Web3 platform Swoosh, expanded its ongoing Epic Games partnership with a one-week pop-up in Fortnite that deviated from the game's standard gameplay; instead of fighting with weapons, the challenge was to hunt for historic Nike Air Max sneakers.

LVMH, the parent company of Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Tiffany & Co., previously announced a long-term partnership to use Epic's 3D creation tools on projects such as virtual fitting rooms, fashion shows, 360° product carousels, augmented reality, and digital twins; the announcement made no mention of Fortnite, but rather ad campaigns and websites.

As per Vogue, a partnership between the fashion industry and Epic Games benefits both parties: fashion gains experience designing, animating, and selling adaptable digital assets, while Epic gains fresh content and money beyond in-game asset sales.

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