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With its anniversary month of July and birthday challenges now at an end, has released update 5.20 which adds plenty of new content for fans of the shooter. Along with the Ragnarok, The Dark Viking, a Mythic Outlander, as well as new weekly Horde challenges in the PvE Save the World, players have a new Limited Time Mode available right now inside Battle Royale. According to the patch notes, players are going to have to stay mobile or risk getting consumed by the storm.

Known as Storm, this Fortnite Battle Royale introduces much faster and hectic matches to the game by featuring a storm that continually moves in over the course of 15 minutes. To make things more stressful, this mode removes safe zones completely and forces players to predict where the storm plans to close in around while fighting off other players. For those caught out in the storm, expect to take 10 damage per second so keep moving.

fortnite horde challenges

The other big Battle Royale addition to the game within this patch is a double shotgun. While not flashy looking, Epic describes this weapon as devastating at close range and packs a punch with its two shots. Remote explosives also received a bit of a nerf as the stack size has been reduced from 10 to 6 and its spawn chance has been reduced to a little over 3%. On the other hand, vending machines got a sizable buff as they now have a greater chance to spawn with an increased rarity and require fewer resources to use.

It was also a busy week for Fortnite as dataminers recently turned up loads of potential new details coming at some point. New customization features and cosmetic items appear to be on the way int he near future including character hats, map markers, vehicle decorations, and the ability to customize the Battle Bus. New character cosmetic items and skins were also leaked including a Durrburger Hero, a Sushi Chef, and Stree Racers. The datamine also included a number of interesting new mode names including some curiously named ones like Deimos, Fly Explosives, and more. While information on a lot of this stuff is still unofficial, it’s clear that Fortnite players should have plenty to look forward to in the coming months.

Fortnite is out now on iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. An Android version is in development as well.

Source: Epic

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