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When Fortnite Season 6 debuted, it introduced a brand new item called Shadow Stones that transformed battle royale players into ghostly beings that could pass through solid objects. Unfortunately, the new item didn’t work properly at launch, and Epic quickly removed it from the game. Now it seems as though the issues with Shadow Stones have been worked out, and Fortnite players can once again find them on the battle royale map.

To find Shadow Stones in Fortnite, players need to visit the Corrupted Areas. Corrupted Areas are parts of the map with glowing purple runes in their center, and since they are all clearly marked, players should be able to find them easily. The Shadow Stones themselves look like miniature versions of the large purple cube that is currently floating around the game world, and can be consumed like mushrooms or apples.


Epic added Shadow Stones back to Fortnite just in time because as it turns out, they are essential to completing all of the Season 6 Week 2 challenges in the game. There is one challenge that tasks players with using Shadow Stones in three separate matches, and another for visiting all of the Corrupted Areas on the map. While players won’t be able to complete all of the Shadow Stone challenges in one match, at least they will be able to work on two of the weekly challenges simultaneously.

Even though Shadow Stones are in the game right now, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be removed again in the future. Epic has a history of removing items from Fortnite, usually on a temporary basis, and putting them in the “vault” to be re-tooled. If the Shadow Stones continue to cause problems, Epic could very well pull them from the game, even if it means some players will have some trouble completing all of their Battle Pass challenges.

Fortnite is out now in early access for iOS, Android, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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